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Simplify Exponential argument

Posted 11 years ago
Hi !

I try to simplify the content of an exponential argument. This exponential is drowned in a complex expression.
If I apply the simplification over the exponential only, it works.
In another hand, if the exponential is enclosed in a complex expression, it does not work anymore, it looks like Simplify[ ] function is not evaluated :

May I ask some hints ?

POSTED BY: Sylvain Rousseau
4 Replies
It's because the thing is wrapped in HoldForm.
POSTED BY: Daniel Lichtblau
Hi !

Sorry for the picture instead of code, but when copying / pasting code from my notebook, strange characters appear instead of Mathematica input code  :

 RowBox[{"t", " ",
 RowBox[{"tau", "+",
RowBox[{"r", " ", "tau"}]}], ")"}]}],
RowBox[{"2", " ", "Q", " ",
SuperscriptBox["tau", "2"]}]]}]], "p1"],

Concerning my issue, I found the solution :  in the second case to obtain the proper simplifcation, I have to apply ReleaseHold[ ] function on the expression before the Replace[ ] invocation.

POSTED BY: Sylvain Rousseau
This does not answer the question regarding hints, but i notice that Mma 7.0.1 returned the (same) simplified expression for the exponential, in both cases.
POSTED BY: Isaac Abraham
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