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Avoid issue with bracket size?

Posted 5 months ago
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I try to write a basic expression in mathematica. ]-pi/2,pi/2[ When I use open close brackets, their size match the size of the expression : enter image description here

When I use open bracket on the left and close on the right, it is the same : enter image description here But as soon as I want to use open bracket on the right of the expression, the right bracket display in small : enter image description here

Do you please have an idea how to fix this ? Thank you for kind help best Regards

6 Replies
Posted 5 months ago

It is not clear exactly what you are trying to fix. Instead of images, please provide code that exhibits the problem.


in that case, code would not help understanding, only the image can help to understand, the images represent 3 Intervals. And as you may see, in the 3 one the size of character "[" does not match the size of the expression with pi/2.

the "[" is smaller it does not adapt to the expression between "[" and "]" ... this is what I try to solve, not more.

When I have "[pi/2, pi/2]" "close/ close" the size ôf brackets adapt to the expression

When I have "]pi/2, pi/2 ]" open/close" the size of brackets adapt to the expression

When I have "[pi/2, pi/2[" close/open or "]pi/2,pi/2[" open, open, the size of the second bracket DOES NOT adapt. In other words, when I input and interval, the second bracket does not adapat the size of expression when it is open.

Posted 5 months ago

Why would you expect the bracket sizes to change when the input is not valid syntax?

[Pi/2, Pi/2]
Syntax::tsntxi: "[Pi/2,Pi/2]" is incomplete; more input is needed.

] Pi/2, Pi/2]
Syntax::bktmop: Expression "]Pi/2" has no opening "[".

[Pi/2, Pi/2[
Syntax::bktmcp: Expression "2[" has no closing "]".

] Pi/2, Pi/2[
Syntax::bktmop: Expression "]Pi/2" has no opening "[".

Dear Rohit,

Please kindly read before answering :)

I don't know how you tried to reproduce what I did but as I mentioned, when I input the interval with [a,b] it works cf., the bracket has the correct size (cf. the first screen shot on the first post), when I do ]a,b] it works as well (cf. the second screen shot on the first post).

Only when the second bracket is open do I have an issue (cf. the 3rd screen shot)

Showing the result is exactly the reason why I sent screen shots and not code in that case.

I'm not having any error message like yours it is a usual notation for an interval, that is why I expect the second bracket to have the same size as the expression.

Posted 5 months ago

Hi Morgan,

Clearly there is some miscommunication here. :-)

To reproduce what I reported in my last response, in a notebook Input cell type [Pi/2,Pi/2] and then Shift+Return to evaluate it.

The only explanation is that you are working in a Text cell, not an Input cell. For your third screenshot example the size of the left square bracket is determined by the size of what follows itenter image description here.

I do not know how to change that. Perhaps someone more familiar with typesetting can help.


Not very satisfying, but here is a workaround:

With[{h = 35},
  RowBox[{Style["[", h], "\[NegativeMediumSpace]", -Pi/2, ",", Pi/2, 
    "\[NegativeMediumSpace]", Style["[", h]}]]]
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