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Find "CDF Export" in File submenu in MMA 11.3 (Windows)?

Posted 8 days ago
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I am new to Mathematica, and I am using Mathematica 11.3 (Windows). The documentation refers to a "CDF Export" sub menu item from the file menu.( File --> CDF Export). I do not have a CDF export menu as a submenu on my File menu. Thanks for any heip.

2 Replies

The CDF Export menu item has been replaced by the CDF Preview menu item. After clicking on CDF Preview, there is an "Export" button in the top right of this new window that you can use to actually export the document.

Which documentation page are you referring to? We should probably update that.

Posted 8 days ago

Here is what I get when I search the documentation

ref/menuitem/CDFExport enter image description here

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