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Find "CDF Export" in File submenu in Mathematica 11.3 (Windows)?

Posted 3 years ago
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I am new to Mathematica, and I am using Mathematica 11.3 (Windows). The documentation refers to a "CDF Export" sub menu item from the file menu.( File --> CDF Export). I do not have a CDF export menu as a submenu on my File menu. Thanks for any heip.

9 Replies
Posted 3 years ago

The CDF Export menu item has been replaced by the CDF Preview menu item. After clicking on CDF Preview, there is an "Export" button in the top right of this new window that you can use to actually export the document.

Which documentation page are you referring to? We should probably update that.

Posted 3 years ago

With the previous CDF export option in the File menu, I could export just the output (in particular, the GUI from manipulate code). Now, after the CDF preview, I can't seem to find a way to do this, the export contains all the code. Any suggestions?

I have the same question for Mac. How to export selected cells to CDF?

Posted 2 years ago

I sent this question to support and here's their response:

In order to deploy a Manipulate dynamic object without the originating cell, we can use the function CDFDeploy. CDFDeploy will create a CDF file on the desired location based only on the expression given. Therefore, I suggest using the function to create such CDF file, for example:

d = Manipulate[Plot[Sin[x (1 + a x)], {x, 0, 6}], {a, 0, 2}];
CDFDeploy["manipulate.cdf", d]

The above will create a CDF file with the Manipulate created on the default Directory[]. You can also give a path to the resulting file.


This approach using CDFDeploy does not allow exporting of multiple selected cells or cells containing multiple expressions; only of a single expression.

Still, useful to know, for lack of documentation on File > CDF Preview.

Posted 3 years ago

Here is what I get when I search the documentation

ref/menuitem/CDFExport enter image description here

Hi, I am having problems to deploy my CDF as a standalone element in mathematica 12. I am using this option:

CDFDeploy["trigonometry.cdf", a, Method -> "Standalone"]

This part " Method -> "Standalone" "appears in red, and the element is not deployed as standalone.

Even in the documentation, the example that uses " Method -> "Standalone" " is in red. enter image description here

Additionally, using the CDF Preview menu item, I could not find the export option for "Standalone"

Posted 2 years ago

To create a CDF with just the output cell from a Manipulate, v12:

  1. Mark the source Manipulate output cell. Copy.
  2. Paste it into a new notebook
  3. Save the new notebook as a CDF: File -> Save As -> .cdf
Posted 2 years ago

In step 2. above you may also take the opportunity to cancel the Cell Labels. In Option Inspector:

enter image description here

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