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Mathematica in Battlefield: Sniper Detection.

Posted 6 months ago
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Hi everyone , I'd like to share my work about SNIPER DETECTION, which I prepared in 2015 for Wolfram Technology Conference. Unfortunately I didin't have the chance to participate so I want to share it with the community here. Modern armed military engagements pose several severe threats to the operating men and women in uniforms especially in novel genres of warfare such as urban operations, insurgency and guerilla warfare. Sniper fire is a prevalent cause of loss in contemporary armed engagements, which is very hard to foresee and prevent due to its nature. Several systems developed to solve this problem are designed to locate the sniper after the shot such as acoustic, Infra Red and radar detection solutions Other active emission solutions comprise radars systems localizing barrels or exploits cat-eye effect principle using back scattering of emitted light by the sight or binocular of the sniper. The former types of solutions fail to produce a warning until the sniper pulls the trigger. The latter ones rely on active emission of radar or light waves which might become a disadvantage for the detection of the detector. A passive but preemptive system might be a progressive approach in this field, in the shape of a properly implemented solution based on image analysis. This study attempts to create a preliminary theoretical start with Mathematica Software, to passive, preshooting sniper detection problem.


Interesting work, and I'm glad you posted it. (I was going to attend that talk, had you been able to come to the 2015 WTC).

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