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Twittering with the Wolfram Language on the Raspberry Pi

Posted 10 years ago
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Newly included in the Wolfram Language is the ability to send "tweet" using the SendMessage function. Its syntax is straightforward:
SendMessage[ "Twitter", "A tweet from the Wolfram Language on the Raspberry Pi!"]

Evaluating this will bring up an authorization dialog (once) to allow the Wolfram Language to send tweets on your behalf:

Click on 'Done' after entering the access key and the tweet will appear in your twitter stream:

POSTED BY: Arnoud Buzing
4 Replies
Posted 10 years ago
Will SenMessage work for Facebook too?  I am getting an error for now....
Posted 10 years ago
This is possible from the command line version?
POSTED BY: Ilya Krylov
Posted 10 years ago
Not yet - SendMessage requires a front end to work.
POSTED BY: Antonio Ciolino
Posted 10 years ago

I have been trying to do this on my pi, but the request keeps failing with invalid access token. Do I need to request x_auth access on Twitter?
POSTED BY: Stephen Saidani
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