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Internal`$VideoEncodings gives a strange message

Posted 6 months ago
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When I was calling


Mathematica gave a message:

ImportExport`RegisterFormat::noexe: Could not install QuickTime.exe.

and the output is not a list but


I just don't understand why this happens. I have this problem with Windows 10 and Mathematica 11.3.0, and I have tried installing Quicktime 7.7.9 from Apple and it did not solve this problem.

Is there anybody having the same problem?


Edit 1:

I checked the same code with Mathematica_10.4.1 and it worked well!

Then I checked the installation directories of these 2 versions of Mathematica and searched for the file "QuickTime.exe". It turns out that this file exists in 10.4.1 but no in 11.3.0. I think this may causing this problem.

2 Replies

QuickTime.exe was removed in version 11.3.0 for Windows, but Internal`$VideoEncodings should still work correctly and should return {"H264"}. This bug will be fixed in version 12.0.

Posted 6 months ago

Thank you. I am looking forward to the new version.

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