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Platform for interdisciplinary research teams: a suggestion

Posted 4 years ago
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One the one hand we have worldwide users with strong knowledge in Wolfram language, Mathematica and so and on the other hand we have a worldwide experts in all kind of sciences (astronomy, biolgical sciences, Chemistry, ....), engineering, biotechnology and Medicine, finance, statics, business analysis, etc.

There are countless combinations to promote interdisciplinary research projects worldwide.

How about a worldwide Research platform as successful tool for interdisciplinary research cooperation projects?

For example: astronomers meets machine learning experts, data scientists meets biologists, material scientists meet mathematicians, financial analysts meet statisticians, etc...

So, I strongly encourage the establishment of a research platform for academics and research groups to promote interdisciplinary projects.

What do you think?

What can be done to establish and promote this idea?

What can be done for more exchange between WL experts and scientists and researchers?

I do really hope that further attempts are made to promote interdisciplinary exchange...

best regards,


POSTED BY: Wolfgang Hitzl
2 Replies

Nice idea

POSTED BY: Tejas Shetty
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Posted 3 years ago

Mathematica is "heavy on math" and "light on geology". Mathematica's geo information is accessed through packages that have extremely specialized (geo information) formatting. the reason for this is simple: the geo databases are too large to "ship" with the Mathematica app.

The same would be true for other sciences

In short: everything under one house is really a matter of each of those sciences getting their butt in gear like the geo map sciences did.

I can tell you chemistry has many formats (many shorthand converters of formula) and they have no mega format like geo science does.

Circuits - similar. circuit simulators are in their "infancy" in Mathematica - there is no industry wide format for Mathematica to include yet (everything Mathematica has was made by Mathematica's team from a string of incompatible simulator projects)

POSTED BY: Anonymous User
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