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Set properties to Plot (lines and mesh styles)?

Posted 6 months ago
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I have a simple Inquiry about this attached file of the plot.

I need to make every line in the plot in the different form like (Dotted, Dashed, Dot-Dashed, CirculeDot, Line) for the five lines in the plot.

Also for the mesh style, can I change their style for every line like(point, circle, triangle, square, sixfold or fivefold) because all the lines are meshed by point.

8 Replies

No file was attached!

I'm sorry, I have attached the file now.

Just add Dotted, Dashed, DotDashed to the respective PlotStyle entries.

I don't know about CircleDot: no such style that I can see. For that, you probably want to use PlotMarkers.

Dear Professor Murray, thanks for your interrogation.

I asked about the mesh point (Black point on every line), can I change its form for every line to distinguish between them?

I tried

MeshStyle -> {Directive[PointSize[Medium], Black], 
  Directive[PointSize[Medium], Red], 
  Directive[PointSize[Medium], Green], 
  Directive[PointSize[Medium], Blue]}

but that just uses the last item in the list for every curve. (The Wolfram Documentation seems to suggest otherwise!)

Dear Professor, I mean the format of mesh not their colours like ( Point, Square, Triangle, Circle, Hexagonal) to distinguish between them.

Posted 6 months ago

Remove Mesh and MeshStyle, add

PlotMarkers -> {Style["\[EmptySquare]", 20], 
  Style["\[EmptyUpTriangle]", 20], Style["\[EmptyCircle]", 20], 
  Style["\[SixPointedStar]", 20], Style["\[EmptyDiamond]", 20]}

Thank you very much, it's done.

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