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Use package "Calculus`VectorAnalysis`" ?

Posted 1 year ago
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I am trying to:


But it Failed and the error messages say:

Cannot open Calculus'VectorAnalysis' and Context Calculus'VectorAnalysis' was not created when Needs was evaluated. Does anyone know how I can get that package?

3 Replies

Okay, not all packages have been rolled into Mathematica. A list of those packages that currently still need to be loaded in is available at

VariationalMethods is indeed one of those.

Posted 1 year ago

I think I have got what you are saying. Instead of calling Needs["Calculus'VectorAnalysis'"], I can just use function CoordinateTransform["Spherical" -> "Cartesian", {r0[#], [Theta][#], [Phi][#]}].

But when I am using the function EulerEquations[], I still need to call needs["VariationalMethods`"], otherwise EulerEquations[] is not usable.

Packages like VectorAnalysis have had their functionality built into Mathematica since version 9.0 or so. What functions from the package do you need?

This reference page should get you started.

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