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Any means to import and process Linked Data (RDF, JSON-LD)

Greetings, All.

I am a physician informatician dealing with large health data in the form of Linked Data (RDF, JSON-LD).  I could not find any import or query feature of Mathematica that would allow me to process and visualize RDF or Linked Data.

Has anyone worked with Linked Data using Mathematica?  Is there a package to work with Linked Data?

Thanks very much!

Rafael Richards MD MS
Division of Health Science Informatics
Johns Hopkins University
POSTED BY: Rafael Richards
3 Replies

I have been developing routines to work with Linked Data technologies in Mathematica. The following mappings appear to be the most natural:

  • SPARQL SELECT: This is the simplest case as the result can be simple CSV with most SPARQL query services.
  • SPARQL CONSTRUCT: A function is needed to convert the returned graph into a Mathematica Graph symbol.
  • RDF: A function is needed to convert to and from RDF into Mathematica Entity symbols.

I have been writing a Linked Data Package to hold some utility functions that these mappings need. So far this just includes a custom StringReplace to convert Mathematica strings to RDF Literals. However, I am still struggling to develop consistency in how URIs are handled. The "%20" versus "+" encoding for URIs is causing me some confusion.

Would it be useful to start a Linked Data Package with some functions to the Wolfram Demonstrations Project or another location?

I think the best idea to start a package is to do it on GitHub. And the report it in our Mathematica Add-Ons.

POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
RDF is XML and JSON-LD appears to be JSON. So you would begin by importing them into Mathematica as these formats.

How you manipulate this data in Mathematica really depends on what you would like to do with it.
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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