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CUDALink functions hang

Hello, I'm trying to use the application CUDALink, First: I load Needs["CUDALink`"] and O.K., but after, when I try to use CUDAInformation[] or another function, I don´t get an answer, Mathematica remains thinking indefinitely. Where is CUDALink? .  I use Mathematica HomeEdition + Win 7 + GForce GT620. Thank very much.
5 Replies
Short form of Mr. Calderon's URL is
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller

I posted a thread with a procedure that work for me
POSTED BY: Jose Calderon
My final problem is the time out Limit: The NVIDIA driver lost connection with the display driver due to exceeding the Windows Time Out limit (2 sec.) and is unable to continue. It like: this is the case when the workload sent to the Graphics Card is greater than what the Graphics Card can process in the normal time out of two seconds.  I'm trying to modify the the Windows Registry to achieve the problem. I´m studying this: With my previous GPU hadn´t problems: GeForce GTX 670, but was melted and I had to return the slower old  GT 620. I'll see if changing the TDR I solve the problem but I have fear of melting the GPU again. Thank you very much. Bye.
The GT 620 and 620M are included in the table of CUDA-compatible GPUs,  

Basic first steps:
   1. (Re)install the most recent NVIDIA drivers
   2. (Re)install the most recent CUDALink paclet
   3. Restart Mathematica
   4. Restart the computer 

The best reference for information on CUDA-compatible drivers is at  

The CUDALink paclet can be updated, if needed, by evaluating

It sounds like you found the setup information in the CUDALink
documentation, but for completeness I will include the URL here, 

If none of that gets your CUDALink working,  please send the following diagnostic information to

- the output from evaluating
   in Mathematica.  (A Mathematica notebook with the output is the preferred format.)

- the output from running systeminfo in a command-prompt window
  (via Start - Programs - Accessories, or Start - Run - cmd.exe)
  Commands for selecting and copying text in the command-prompt window are in the menu
  that appears when you click the little ikon in the upper-left corner of the window.

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
When I use SystemInformation -> Links-> I get "CUDALink is not supported on this system".  Why?.
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