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[✓] Export plot to pdf preserving plot marker?

Posted 5 months ago
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I have created a plot that looks very nice in Mathematica and I have export it as “plot.m”. When I import it to Mathematica, it again looks nice, but when I export this to pdf the plot markers are gone (see "plot.pdf"). I found no proper way of exporting this properly to a vector format, neither of the format works (eps, dxf, emf, wmf, eps, svg). Does anyone knows a solution about this exporting problem? I’m using Mathematica 11.3.

Thanks, Markus


Problem solved. Within the option PlotMarkers, the value of Thickness within Edgeform was set too small, thus somehow the plotmarkers disappeared in the pdf. I increased that by a factor of 100 and now it works.

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