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What Do People Want To Build?

Posted 9 days ago
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What Do People Want To Build?

Over the past year and a bit I've developed quite a bit of infrastructure from a documentation platform to a website builder and package repository all extending and using my existing toolkit. Recently, though I've wondered what I can do to make this useful.

Obviously, there are little bugs to quash, little things to extend and build, but I think for many things the infrastructure I have can be useful and make the development process a lot quicker and cleaner. So I'm putting out a request.

What do you want to build and what tools would make that easier? What kind of blockages have you run into when trying to get stuff developed? Leave me notes in the comments and I'll try to figure out what kinds of things I can/should document/make to make this better for everyone.

2 Replies

I maintain a set of packages for engineering which include approx 1000 pages of documentation. This used to be nicely accessible from the Mathematica Help system back in the days before paclets. Can your toolkit utilize existing documentation notebooks, or is this update of my docs going to require a complete rewrite?

Posted 3 days ago

My guess is these can still work today. You'll need to add metadata to them, but that's certainly possible programmatically.

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