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[✓] Show graphs on the command window of wolfram Mathematica (Linux OS)?

Posted 3 months ago
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I am a new learner of Mathematica, I input


after enter, no image was shown, only got the result


, no graphs was shown, I tried many times, but why failed? What wrong with that? How should I do? Should I install any extra software of Mathematica?

3 Replies

Use the graphical interface, not the command line version.

On Linux, start mathematica, not math.

Posted 3 months ago

Thank you Mr. Horvat for your response. I am learning Mathematica by that which is built in raspberrypi(Because I do not have the Window version of Mathematica), also I am a new learner of raspberrypi. So I do not know how to enter into the graphical interface. Can you give me more guidance? By the introduction of you online, I realize how intelligent you are and how significant the research you have done/is doing about human brain. Thanks you again! Yuqing Wehner

Posted 3 months ago

I already fixed my problem by creating notebook file(.nb), then press "shift+enter", the graph at once existed.

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