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Classify: How does the Neural Network look like?

Posted 5 months ago
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I am working on a classification task and I want to do the work with the help of a "NeuralNetwork" classifier. There is an option to define the "NetworkDepth" by myself:

So the command my look like:

nn = Classify[trainSet, Method -> {"NeuralNetwork", "NetworkDepth" -> 6, ...

Later on I want to know how the Neural Networks looks like, so what kind of layers are applied. What is the sequence of the layers and so forth. How can I get these informations?

2 Replies

@Jürgen Kanz, please take a look at the guide on proper post format:

You can find out about the internal NN used by simply running (in your case):


and then you can dig deeper with things like:

nn[[1, "Model"]]
nn[[1, "Model", "Network"]]

where you find, among many others, things like:

enter image description here

Keep in mind that the net is applied to the preprocessed data, not the data itself. To reduce preprocessing, you can use

nn = Classify[ trainSet , FeatureExtractor -> "Minimal", Method ->...]

You can also probably just design your own net:

Posted 5 months ago

Great! Thank you very much

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