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Extract data from 3D plot?

Posted 20 days ago
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Hello friends. I want to extract data from the 3D plot in the following code. I have used MatrixForm[%], but it is not working. Can you help me to get the desired data.

5 Replies

This is a way:

Cases[Normal[%[[1]]], Polygon[pts_, ___] :> pts, All]
Posted 18 days ago

Thanks Sir for your reply.

Posted 18 days ago

Sir, I want to have the data in matrix form, from where I can generate the Excel sheet. Can you help me?

This way you probably get a list of triples:

Union@Flatten[Cases[Normal[%[[1]]], Polygon[pts_, ___] :> pts, All], 
Posted 14 days ago

Thanks sir for your reply.

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