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Celebrating International Women's Day

Posted 4 months ago
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enter image description here

Lets celebrate today's international women's day creating a WordCloud made by "woman" words written in different languages.

First I got all wikipedia entries for "Woman" using WikipediaData:

womanWords = WikipediaData["Woman", "TitleTranslationRules"]

Then I used a heart mask image to create the WordCloud frame:

enter image description here

Finally I gave some random purple tonalities to the words:

 Map[Style[#, FontSize -> RandomInteger[{12, 24}], 
    Lighter[Purple, RandomReal[{0, 0.8}]]] &, 
  Union[Values@womanWords]], heartMask, ImageSize -> Large]

One can easily explore these "woman" words using CommunityGraphPlot and Nearest:

nf = Nearest[Values[womanWords]]

edges = DeleteDuplicates@
   Flatten@Map[Thread[# \[UndirectedEdge] nf[#, 4]] &, 
     Values[womanWords]] //. UndirectedEdge[x__, x__] -> Nothing

CommunityGraphPlot[edges, VertexLabels -> "Name", ImageSize -> Full]

enter image description here

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