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Jofre Espigule-Pons
Jofre Espigule-Pons
Wolfram Research
LOCATION: Barcelona
WEBSITE: Not indicated
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My background is in physics, but I enjoy exploring many other fields too. See for example some miscellaneous computational explorations that I shared on the Wolfram Blog:

In the past, I did research on mathematical physics and I studied several biophysics models to understand how birds are able to detect earth's magnetic field (an open mystery). I also took part of a lab experiment to show that humans can detect a single photon with their naked eye.

In 2015, I attended the Wolfram Summer School and I had a lot of fun trying to develop a “Shazam for birds” app.

Since 2016, I’ve been working as a consultant for Wolfram Research.

Recently, I’ve been actively recording biodiversity data during my hiking adventures using iNaturalist. At WTC19, I did a presentation on how to import such biodiversity data using Wolfram Language and perform analysis, create geographic species distributions, identifying species using machine learning techniques, etc. You can check it here:

PS: I submitted a function related to biodiversity to the Wolfram Function Repository called TaxonomicNearest which gives the list of taxa to which a specified taxon is nearest.