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Why is Wolfram Absent from Forrester and Gartner's Data Science Reports?

Posted 4 months ago
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Dear Community members, the latest reports from Gartner and Forrester regarding data science and machine learning don't mention Wolfram in them but they both consider Mathworks. Does anybody have any ideas why?

3 Replies

Where can one read these reports?

Hi Sam, for Gartner's report I got the information from:

Regarding Forrester's paper, you can read it here:

Ruben - great question. There's a few different reasons we've uncovered, but we'd love to hear anyone else's input or thoughts...

1) . Analyst firms generally have clients. These clients work closely with the firm to provide detailed information about their products and get (at least) more attention than non-clients.
See as an example.

2) . Generally speaking, Wolfram tech is seen as a tool for building tools - so if you were looking at a consumer report on vehicles, the maker of the steel press might not be included.

We do have positive working relationships with a few analyst firms and are steadily working to bring them up to speed on our tech stack and how exactly it can fit in their clients' future plans.

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