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Plotting the solution of a system of two transcendental equations for angle

Posted 11 years ago
{2 Cos[?1] - 1.5 Sin[?1] ==
0.08 Cos[?2]^2 - 0.08 Sin[?2]^2 + 0.05/?1 Cos[?1/2],
2 Sin[?1] + 1.5 Cos[?1] ==
2* 0.08 Cos[?2] Sin[?2] + Sin[?1/2]};
Hi, I added this problem five days ago with a different title which was confusing the main essence of the problem for the experts who were helping me. so now i uplaoded it again with the exact requirement .

i do hope, maybe i can get the desired solution.
POSTED BY: Muhammad Farid
5 Replies
2 Cos[?1[t]] - 1.5 Sin[?1[t]] == 0.08 Cos[?2[t]]^2 - 0.08 Sin[?2[t]]^2 +0.05/?1 Cos[?1/2[t]],
2 Sin[?1[t]] + 1.5 Cos[?1[t]] == 2* 0.08 Cos[?2[t]] Sin[?2[t]] + Sin[?1/2[t]]
Thanks Mr. Nasser

Yes, i had written the equations without considering the time dependent variables. now i re-wrote them here, where it is visible that i need to find out the solutions of  theta 1 and theta 2 as a function of time. it is actually, the two angles of a two link manipulator which are moving and so their values are changing at every instant of time. so i need to find that out and to plot that.

i do hope now, if u can help me find out something for this.

again sorry to you and other brothers who were trying to solve this.
POSTED BY: farid khattak
 i am looking for the plots of the two angles as a function of time

But there is no time variable in your equations? How can one plot something as a function of another variable when the other variable is not present in the expression as dependency to the first variable?
POSTED BY: Nasser M. Abbasi
Posted 11 years ago
I don't think this system has a solution. See here
POSTED BY: Greg Hurst
Thanks Mr. Clark

Yes, i am looking for the plots of the two angles as a function of time. this will require to find out the solution of theta 1 and theta 2 as a function of time.

previously i had added it with the title "Non-linear equation system for a two link manipulator".

Now, if you can kindly check and help me

POSTED BY: Muhammad Farid
Hi, what would you like to do with these equations? Are you looking for values of theta1 and theta2 that satisfy these equations? 

Additionally, please link to the previous post so that we can tell that they are linked. This will help us better understand the problem and let anyone reading the other post know that you continued it here. 
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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