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A Mathematica IDE

Posted 4 months ago
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The package was announced and released for download with detailed tutorials:

I don't have the time to write a long message here, but I thought I'd share another little thing I've been working on that I'm hoping to wrap a lot of my other work into.

At some point a week and a half ago I got frustrated by how annoying it is to write proper code in the Mathematica front-end so I decided I was going to create an IDE that would use the FE and wrap up all the tools I care about.

To do that I used a bunch of undocumented functionality to make it perform well, but the current product is something I'm already quite happy with, and have been using more and more as my main development tool.

Here's a screenshot of it:

enter image description here

It has a collapsible file browser, a file tabbing and toolbar system, a plugin mechanism, support for file-extension specific stylesheets and other customizations, and support for better key-event customization through the main Mathematica menu is coming, and despite all this generally doesn't slow down the FE in any noticeable way.

Pretty much every part of the thing (except the basic layout) is customizable through stylesheets, which should make support for different theming possible. More plugins for Git, paclets, docs, stylesheets, etc. are coming when, but it's entirely possible to add your own or tweak existing ones however you'd like.

Here's a partial demo video:

enter image description here

Let me know if there are specific features I should include (if they're possible to include).

6 Replies

From where can it be downloaded, so we an try it???

Posted 4 months ago

I'm building to the first release. Close, but I want to be pretty certain everything will work smoothly and without crashes before I set it loose. I'll definitely update this when it's fully ready.

Nice project, but what about Wolfram Workbench? I haven't tried it, but it looks like a well-developed product.

Posted 4 months ago

Workbench is okay. It does fine. But the code inspection is pretty much no better than the FE, it eats a lot more resources, and is generally clunkier and less extensible. An all Mathematica IDE can leverage people's talents at writing Mathematica code to make Mathematica plugins.

Now, this is maybe never going to be quite as good as the IntelliJ plugin which as actually a very nice piece of work. But I think working within the FE provides the potential to make a really good Mathematica IDE--if the FE can be wrangled in just the right, highly-undocumented way.

Very handy. I created a automatic translation tool based on FE codes as well. If you need someone to test the package or work together on the project, I can help

UPDATE: The package was anounced and eleased for download with detailed tutorials:

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