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Wolfram|Alpha bot for WhatsApp

Posted 2 months ago
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Sometimes I just want to check things quick, and it's quicker for me to send a WhatsApp message than to load the site. Basically, I created it to scratch a personal itch. You can add it to groups, and ask it questions, for example, "WA 88 mph" or you can message it directly without need to launch the Wolfram|Alpha website.

You can add it at +27 63 975 2230

enter image description here

It's written in python, to get the Wolfram|Alpha output the way I like it I just shell out to a slightly modified, but I will replace that with proper python code soon. To access WhatsApp I'm using as it's a bit more difficult to get a WhatsApp business account, and you can't add business accounts to groups, and having it run in a group was one of the things I wanted out of it.

Once the code is cleaned up a little I'll post it on github, and I'll update this post with the link.

2 Replies
Posted 2 months ago


Thanks for adding the images. I'll update the OP with the details.

Welcome to Wolfram Community and thank you for sharing, it looks like it really works! Could you please share more details on the implementation? We added a few images to your post of how the interface looks on mobile phone. But It would be really interesting to know the inner workings. Here are best practices for posting:

Note there was some similar work done:

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