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Get more than 1000 digits of Pi, etc, in base 36?

Posted 2 months ago
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If I enter in things like:

pi in base 36

1/(golden ratio) in base 36

I get it in base 36 and if I keep on clicking "More digits" I can get to about 1040 digits...

I'm trying adding things in "with 5000 digits" in the query but it doesn't work properly.

4 Replies

Try entering " 5000 digits of the MRB constant " or whatever.

Posted 2 months ago

5000 digits of pi

says: (too many digits requested)

pi to 5000 digits


but I want it in base 36, not base 10....

Posted 2 months ago

If you open this link

to the cloud

in your web browser

and then you scroll down until you see "Create a New Notebook" in the lower right

and then you click on that

and then you patiently wait a bit for the new page to finish initializing

and then you click your mouse in the middle of that large blank page

and then you carefully paste all this


into the blank page

and then you patiently wait until all that appears

and then you click on Evaluation in the upper right corner

and then you click on Evaluate Cells

and then you patiently wait a bit until it finishes

then you should see the first 5000 digits of pi in base 36 starting with this


You can then carefully click on the inner bracket along the right edge of that, sometimes it takes a couple of clicks until you find just the right place to click, the border bracket should turn blue and then you can copy that to your clipboard and paste it into another document.

That page is likely not as forgiving of variation in notation and like WolframAlpha it has some limitations, but it might provide you with a way to get the digits that you are looking for.

Posted 2 months ago

Cool! I was even able to get to 5,000,000 characters... (of GoldenRatio)

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