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The hold back function not working with units

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Posted 10 years ago
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I have the following
dp = Quantity[1, "pascal per millimeter"]
R = Quantity[10, "millimeters"]
\[Mu] = Quantity[1, "millipascal second"]
v[z_] := N[1/(4 \[Mu]) (dp)*(z^2 - R^2), 2]
But then getting
In[69]:= v[3 mm]

Out[69]= (9.0 mm^2 +
   Quantity[-1.0*10^2, ("Millimeters")^2]) (Quantity[25., 1/(
   "Centimeters" "Seconds")])
This is not what I expecrted. I expectred a clean result  in terms of  mm/sec.  What I did wrong?
POSTED BY: Anonymous User
Did you try it like this:

v[Quantity[3, "mm"]]

This gives me:

-2.3*10^4 mm/s

Or with the CTRL-= method (press and hold Control key and press =):

v[ CTRL-= 3mm ]

POSTED BY: Arnoud Buzing
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