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Run following simulation with large number of iterations?

Posted 1 year ago
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When I tried to run the following simulation for say 5 times, it runs successfully but when I tried to run it for 50 or 200 times it never terminates or produces results. I tried to limit the accuracy goal and precision goal in the 'FindDistributionParameters', it did not work. I thought that IntegerQ? needs to be inserted some place in the definition of the distribution very first line. I tried but that did not work either. Thanks.

ClearAll[a0, d0]

    ExpoWeibull[sigma_, alpha_, theta_] := 
       alpha theta/
         sigma (1 - Exp[-(x/sigma)^alpha])^(theta - 1) Exp[-(x/sigma)^
           alpha ]*(x/sigma)^(alpha - 1), {x, 0, Infinity}, 
       Assumptions -> sigma > 0 && alpha > 0 && theta > 0];
    DistributionParameterAssumptions[ExpoWeibull[sigma, alpha, theta]];
    TruncatedEW[sigma_, alpha_, theta_, c_] := 
      TruncatedDistribution[{c, \[Infinity]}, 
       ExpoWeibull[sigma, alpha, theta]];

    mydata = Sort[RandomVariate[ExpoWeibull[15, 2, 4], 50]];

    myp = Values[
       FindDistributionParameters[mydata, ExpoWeibull[a0, 2, d0]]];

    myLeftCensoredData = Take[mydata, -40];

    Table[myinitalParameters = 
      Values[FindDistributionParameters[mydata, ExpoWeibull[a0, 2, d0]] //
     myTruncatedData := 
        TruncatedDistribution[{0, Min[myLeftCensoredData]}, 
         ExpoWeibull[myinitalParameters[[1]], 2, 
          myinitalParameters[[2]]]], 10]]; 
     myPseudoCompleteData := Join[myLeftCensoredData, myTruncatedData]; 
     mydata = myPseudoCompleteData;
     myinitalParameters, {i, 1, 20}]
3 Replies
Posted 1 year ago

What if you inserted a Print inside your Table that would show the calculated values that are about to be used in each iteration. If it makes progress until it gets to a particular set of values then you could see the data that is causing it to hang. That might help you track down the cause of the problem.

Yes I have an idea that the probability distribution itself is complicated with three parameters hence the 'FindDistributionParameters" that maximizes the likelihood function and gives values of the parameter must be causing problem . Question is how to resolve it? do you mean to try to maximize the function manually?

Posted 1 year ago

The code down to, but not including the Table, seems to work for any number of iterations.

Perhaps you could manually do the same calculations that the Table would do, but one step at a time, and look carefully at the value of myData each time. I'm guessing the contents that is causing the problem.

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