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Round an integer to the two leading digits with trailing zeroes?

Posted 2 months ago
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56789012 -> 57000000, for example. Thanks for any help.

6 Replies
rnd[n_] := Block[{d = 10^(Floor[Log[10, n]] - 1)}, d*Round[n/d]]


In[1]:= rnd[n_] := Round[n, 10^(Floor[Log[10, n]] - 1)]

In[2]:= rnd[56789012]

Out[2]= 57000000
Posted 2 months ago

The function Round could be used right out of the box. Documentation.

In[1]:= Round[56789012, 10^6]
Out[1]= 57000000

the second argument depends on the size of the number being rounded

Posted 2 months ago

Frank, you are right. The second argument of Round "out of the box" starts from the decimal point. But the OP wants a rounding starting from the leading digit. Which your function does.

Posted 2 months ago

Very helpful. Thank you, gentlemen.

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