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Financial indicator

Posted 11 years ago
Hi Everyone

How can i extract numerical values from "FinancialIndicator" plotĀ  - for example -"UltimateOscillator" and display these values as listĀ  ? is an option in graphic allows such thing ?

Thank you for any suggestion
POSTED BY: Artur Kotarski
4 Replies
Short Summary: The FinancialIndicator function returns a function which takes a list of OHLCV data and returns the value of the indicator.

For example, we first pull down the data we are interested in. Here we use the OHLCV data for Microsoft from July:
data = FinancialData["msft", "OHLCV", "July 2013"]

We need to make a function to apply to this data. UltimateOscillator has a number of parameters that can be specified, but we will use the default values:
uO = FinancialIndicator["UltimateOscillator"]
uO is a function which takes the data we pulled down from FinancialData:
This produces a list of values corresponding to the oscillator. We could have also written:
FinancialIndicator["UltimateOscillator"]@FinancialData["msft", "OHLCV", "July 2013"]
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Posted 11 years ago
Thank you
I did not think that it's so easy .
POSTED BY: Artur Kotarski

Hello, once I get the list of indicator's value, I want to add it to a TradingChart or InteractiveTradingChart, how to do it? My original issue is to include custom indicators inside a (Interactive)TradingChart, but not one of those given by built-in FinancialIndicator, rather a user-function providing some data to add into the plot. Is this possible? If yes, how? Thanks in advance, Roberto

No. There isn't a way that I know of for version 10. There was for 9, but it was really a hack.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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