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Use Simpson2D rule?

Posted 1 month ago
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I want to know how to use Simpson2D rule. I got confused, because on it gives the rule as Simpson2D[a,b,c,d,m,n] where c, d are lower and upper limits of the integration dx, and a, b are lower and upper limits of the integration dy. From the context it seems the function must be in the form of f(x,y). However, when I use the rule, to find out

va1=Simpson[a,b, c. d,m, n],
a=0, b=1.26, c=0.17,d=0.44, m=10,n=10

I got an answer

Smpson2D[1, 1.2, 0.17, 0.44, 10, 10]

I want to know: 1. how to specify the function, does it have to have the form f(x,y) 2. How to write the syntax. For example, if f(x,y)= Sin[x] Cos[y], integrate from x=0 to 1, from y=0.1 to 0.2. how to write the syntax so that I can get a numerical answer answer. This is my actual file. Only the last 6 entries deals with the use of Simpson2D Your help will be much appreciated. Hong-Yee Chiu,

3 Replies

Follow the link you shall see this page for all required packages. Click

Numerical Analysis-Numerical Methods Mathematica 5.0 Notebooks

Download the package from Wolfram Library and upzip the compressed folder. Find


There you go! The code is compatible with the latest version of Wolfram Language V 12.


Posted 1 month ago

Shenghui Yang: Thank you, your fast response is much appreciated,

Posted 1 month ago

It works fine. Thanks for prompt and accurate reply.

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