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Extract specific column from FacialFeatures output dataset

Posted 1 month ago
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as newbie in Wolfram language, I went through documentation in order to figure out how I can select only specific columns from the output dataset of the FacialFeatures built-in symbol. So what I did is :

In[1]:= Dataset[FacialFeatures[Import["C:/images/people.jpeg"]], "Gender","Age"]

But didn't work so far. it's still giving me all columns ignoring data[...] built-in symbol

How can I get only the requested columns ?

Thanks for your support.

Issue Solved. That has to be like this (too much reading : I mean documentation :-)):

In[1]:= FacialFeatures[Import["C:/images/people.jpeg"], {"Gender","Age"}]

With this you get only required columns of dataset.

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