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Access java enumerators from an external jar file?

Posted 1 month ago
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Hello, I have an external jar file that I am using inside my Mathematica notebook. This jar contains class and methods. One of the class contains some nested classes that I am loading by using LoadJavaClass["myclass$nestedclass"]

the nestedclass has not constructors but just some filds that are static string enumators. Is there any way to access to those enumerators? Thank you Best regards P

Posted 1 month ago

I think this covers it:

In[1]:= << JLink`

In[2]:= LoadJavaClass["java.text.Normalizer$Form"]

Out[2]= JLink`JavaClass["java.text.Normalizer$Form", 2, {
JLink`JVM["vm1"]}, 3, "java`text`Normalizer$Form`", False, True]

In[3]:= Normalizer$Form`NFKC

Out[3]= JLink`Objects`vm1`JavaObject31853183189909505
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