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Function Repository mysterious submission error

Posted 1 month ago
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Attempting to play with the new Function Repository I've been receiving the error

ResourceSubmit::apierr The parameter FunctionLocation is missing.

As yet I don't understand how to address this. Suggestions very welcome!

4 Replies

Hi Bob,

That seems to have done the trick. Thank you!



Please try to submit again now. I found and resolved a server issue that may have been causing this problem.


Thanks for the suggestion Bob.

I'm afraid on my end I'm not seeing any change. The updates do not change the observed behavior, either in a continued or a fresh kernel. Check still happily finds no issues, yet submission yields the error as before.

I would try again after forcing a couple paclet updates.


Then use the "Check" button in the definition notebook again in the new kernel session before attempting to submit again.

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