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Visualizing hours of daylight on the summer solstice

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Hi. This means that either Sunset or Sunrise are giving you values shifted by a day from your location. This happened in my computation for the last two values of data, and that's why I added {0, 24} to them. I think the simplest solution is to add 24 hours manually, computing N@QuantityMagnitude[SunriseToSunset /@ lats, "Hours"] + 24 . Or you can move one of the dates in the formula of SunriseToSunset by one day.

Hi, I am facing some problems with your code. With copy and paste I have created a new V12 notebook.

The first difference regarding calculation results compared to your page occurs here: enter image description here

All second values of the data pairs are negative! As a logical result the Listplot looks as follows: enter image description here

The final graph is not so nice compared to your image: enter image description here

What is missing?

POSTED BY: Jürgen Kanz
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