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Using WolframAlpha[]

Posted 11 years ago
Hi All,
Maybe a stupid question but why doesn't this work?:

raw = WolframAlpha[ToString, {{"BookMatchFrequency:WordData", 1}, "TimeSeriesData"}] /. s -> "the"

Thanks in advance for any help.
2 Replies
Some of your code is missing - after ToString function. Please take a few minutes to read this tutorial about correct posting – especially of Mathematica code:

How to type up a post: editor tutorial & general tips

If you will not follow the tutorial, other members of community may not be able to test your code. To edit your post – click “Edit” in the lower right corner of your post.
POSTED BY: Moderation Team
I am not expert but I have a suggestion for you. I think it might be helpful if you provide a short description of what you want to do, so that you can help others to figure out what you intend to do. Also there might be better way to do this task other than what you are trying ...
POSTED BY: Sadi Altamimi
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