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MATLink: MATLAB in background of Mathematica

Posted 1 year ago
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Does anyone know what happend to the free Mathematica package "MATLink"? It was provided as a free download on the former page, which is not online anymore. I always suggested it, if a MATLAB user would like to start with Mathematica. without giving up all the obtained MATLAB results, so to extend them with Mathematica's capabilities. But now, the page is not online anymore.

  1. Is MATLink renamed?
  2. Is the download moved?
  3. Is there an alternative as easy to use as MATLink?

Here's a screenshot, I even mentioned MATLink on my Twitter, proofing that MATLink really existed :-)

proof that MATLink existed

Also Google remembers the page, but the link does not resolve, if one clicks on it, but in the second search result there's a small example how MATLink's code looked like:

second proof that MATLink existed

5 Replies

The code can be found here . @Szabolcs Horvát Can probably tell you more about it, he is (co?)developer of it.

Obvious, did so, many thanks :-)

Thanks for reporting this. We are currently looking into the problem.

Until the website is fixed, please use this link to download the package:

The website is back online now. Sorry about the inconvenience.

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