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Structure of BoundaryMeshRegion

Posted 1 year ago
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Can anybody explain how to obtain the inner infomation of a BoundaryMeshRegion object?


(t = ConvexHullMesh[{{0, 0}, {1, 0}, {0, 1}, .25 {1, 1}}]) // FullForm



The Head is "BoundaryMeshRegion" and according to mathematica rules t[[i]] should return the inner parts. However, e.g. t[[1]] results in an error:

"Part::partd: Part specification (..)[[1]] is longer than depth of object."

t is actually treared as an Atom, what is confirmed by AtmoQ[t] giving True.

How can one get the information contain in t? Yes, one could still use the "obsolete" ConvexHull from GraphicsMesht, but the Help indicates that all the functionality is now added to the built in BoundaryMeshRegion object.

2 Replies

To access the innards, you can use MeshPrimitives, MeshCells, and MeshCoordinates and so onÂ…

Posted 1 year ago

Thank's for the hint.

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