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Why N is not affecting the rest of Power, but not NHoldRest is set?

Posted 1 year ago
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Dear all,

I'm surprised why "N" is not affecting all parameters of "Power", even "Power" has not the attribute "NHoldRest"? Is this feature documented somewhere, or is it a bug?


SetAttributes[myPower, Attributes[Power]]
Power[x, 2] //N //FullForm
Power[2, y] //N //FullForm
myPower[x, 2] //N //FullForm
myPower[2, y] //N //FullForm


{Listable, NumericFunction, OneIdentity, Protected}
Power[x, 2]
Power[2.`, y]
myPower[x, 2.`]
myPower[2.`, y]

Mathematica 10.0.2 (x64), Windows 7

2 Replies

I don't see why this should be called a bug. The behaviour is exactly as it should be, although it is not achieved through NHoldRest, but through other means.

Why is it not achieved through NHoldRest? I don't know, but the most reasonable guess is that there are cases where a naïve use of NHoldRest would cause behaviour that seems unreasonable from a mathematical perspective. Let us try to find such a case.

It seems to me that the following would be such a case:

In[]:= N@Power[x, Power[2, y]]
Out[]= x^2.^y

More generally, Power[x, f[someExplicitNumber]] would be such a case, e.g. Power[x, Sin[2]].

Why treat Sin[2] differently from 2? Well, x^2 is x*x. The same is not valid for x^2.0. Thus there is value in retaining the exact 2 in x^2. More importantly, retaining integer powers in polynomial expression would seem essential.

What about rational powers? One would expect N@Sqrt[x] to stay Sqrt[x] and not turn into x^0.5.

The same does not apply to something like x^Sin[2].

I'm not sure if this is documented, But I guess you have to interpet x^2 as x*x indeed. If you want to force it you could do:

MapAt[N, %, -1]



Also: I think that N tries to evaluate the entire expression to an approximate number, not necessarily all the subexpressions.

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