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Manipulates don't show their value in published notebook in WolframCloud

Posted 1 year ago
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I have a notebook with a few manipulates. I made all the cells initialization cells. when I open the notebook in WolframCloud, it takes a while to compute everything (20 seconds maybe), but everything displays properly. When I publish the notebook, in the result, all the manipulate are wrong. the plots don't show the functions, and others show the function name rather than the result. What is going on?

Thank you, Luc

4 Replies

Luc, i there some minimal toy example you can showcase, with public permissions (so we can see the errors) and source code (so we can see what actually meant to be published)?

Here is the code:

LinearSegmentVertical[x_,load_]:=Block[{a,b}, If[x<0.5,2x*load,
First[ (a x + b) /. Solve[{a*0.5+b == load, a+b 1},{a,b}] ]  ]]; 

Manipulate[ Plot[ LinearSegmentVertical[x,load],{x,0,1}], {{load,0.3},0,1}]

the result in the browser...

What I expect to see from the desktop...

How are you publishing the notebook to Cloud?

You might want to use SaveDefinitions -> True option of the Manipulate function in your code.

Weird. Today everything works... Maybe someone fixed something in the back end..

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