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[?] Use FindClique for a random graph?

Posted 6 months ago
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Hi everyone, So I generated a random graph (I called it cGraph), and then typed in this code:


and then pressed Shift+Enter and got this:

{{1, 2, 8, 9}}

which was correct (according to my graph). But when I typed in this:

FindClique[cGraph, 2]

and then pressed Shift+Enter the answer was just this:


Can anyone tell me why this appeared? All help is appreciated. Thanks!

4 Replies

Presumably there are no maximal complete subgraphs of size 2 (emphasis on "maximal").

Oh, ok thanks. That's weird though. I had been able to do that on Mathematica 10.

If you want to find any clique, not only maximal ones, check out IGCliques from the IGraph/M package.

Ok thanks Szabolcs! I will check it out...

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