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InputField works different in WolframPlayer?

Posted 2 years ago
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The minimal example

Manipulate[v, {{v, {1,2,3}}, InputField}]

is ``compiled'' with

wolframscript -print -format NB -f test.wls > test.nb

When opened with Mathematica the dynamic variable v can be changed with another vector, but when opened with WolframPlayer the variable v can not be changed by another vector only by a number.

What is wrong?

Thank you.

4 Replies

I am almost sure that you need an Enterprise license for that. Or at least is used to be like that:

enter image description here

You should ask a staff member about it.

Hm. Me too.

Posted 2 years ago

I see the same. When opened in Wolfram Player the output will only change if the new input is a single number.

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