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Interactive blueprints for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) 3D Projector

Posted 11 years ago
Nicolas Aimon (a French researcher from MIT) recently built a DYI 3D projector out of salvage LCD screen from an old laptop.

When the backlight of an old laptop of mine died, I looked into projects that could repurpose and salvage its LCD screen… The main idea behind these DIY projectors is to strip the LCD screen of an old laptop or external monitor, place a very bright lamp on one side, and add a few optical components to project the LCD image on a wall or projection screen. Thanks to the work and optimization of hundreds of passionate DIYers, these homemade projectors can result in an image of higher quality than some of their commercial counterparts at a lower cost. Because I really like 3D movies, I looked into the posibility of tweaking these projector designs and make one that is stereo-capable. In late 2012, A number of months later and after much deliberation, I started going to the shop and gave it a try.

This DYI project became famous quickly mentioned by lifehacker and hackaday. It is fully detailed at instructables where it is one of the finalists at a hardware hacking contest. To blueprint various geometries available for the project, Nicolas used Mathematica and embedded a complex CDF on his website. 

POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
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