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webMathematica hosting

Posted 11 years ago
Did anyone try for hosting their webMathematica projects?
I tried webMathematica on a VPS by ArviX. This was not successfull and the technician told me:
Since the suggestion from the webmathematica support didn't work, could you please contact them again and see what they have to say?
As we worked on the same issue for a couple of months, I believe involving the developer would be our only option now.
Can anyone help ArvIX or me for solving the problem (TIMELIMIT ERROR)?
4 Replies
Do all your webMathematica applications show this problem?  Or is it only one particular application.  webMathematica's configuration file has a setting that limits the amount of time that the Kernel will allow for each call to the server.  This file is called MSPConfiguration.xml and is in the WEB-INF subdirectory of the webMathematica installation.  The setting is in the KernelTimeLimit XML element in units of milliseconds as in:

This is also discussed somewhere in the webMathematica documentation
POSTED BY: David Reiss
The best question is whether you see this on your own machine when running the webMathematica application locally. 

You can find a tech support article on the subject of this error message here:[url=]

David Reiss is correct. This usually means that you have to increase the alloted time for the kernel to respond in the MSPConfiguration file. 
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Thanks David and Sean,

Some examples works fine (Expand, Live 3D Plotting), but Integrate A FunctionPlot Example doesn't work. It seems to me that configuration is OK. On my Mac, all is OK. Where is the problem?

Kind regards.
It looks like the installation of Mathematica isn't evaluating MSP commands. Please make sure that the kernel it is using can evaluate functions like MSPFormat:

I'm not familiar with how this gets configured, but If it i looks like the MSP package isn't being loaded then I'd try to add the following line to the kernel init.m file:
The kernel Init.m fle is a configuration file that runs when the kernel is loaded. You can add lines to it to have it load packages such as MSP for example. 
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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