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Infinite Adventures in 22 lines by a Lazy Coder

Posted 2 years ago
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Converse with someone with the internet on the tip of their tongue. AI generated coherent text adventures via GPT-2 from OpenAI that you can interact with. Coded in Mathematica.

Nothing limits you in the story.

  • very lightweight (22 lines of sloppy code total)
  • private
  • as persistant as you want it to be (by adjusting tokens)
  • integrates with GPU's easily
  • super speedy
  • it is up to you how divergent or consistent with your prompts the story is (by adjusting temperature)
  • you can determine when the story ends, if it ends at all (by adjusting character limit of story)
  • exceedingly simple to operate [Evaluate> Evaluate notebook]

Uses GPT-2 neural net from its repository to procedurally generate random new worlds to explore via text.

Example: Your name is Lance. You are a translator in the land of Calgary. I am your guide. I am your guide to the future of the world. You ask "Is the future sustainable?" then you ask for economic and political power. You ask "What are the motivations for those?" Then you ask for peace. You ask for freedom. You ask for justice. You ask "Is it too late?" and so on. You ask "What is the best way to begin?" How much of your time do you spend with others? You say "It is important who you spend your time with." Or, "It is important who you spend your time with." Your gestalt is with your loved ones. That is very important. That is the right way to do things. You ask "What is the first thing to do?" then you ask for justice. You ask for peace. Then you ask for love. Which is the most important thing you ask for? You ask first for love. Then you ask for freedom. Then you ask for justice. So, you ask for it. Then, you see a beautiful princess on a white horse. She is asking for love. Ask what love is. Ask if love is a physical thing. Ask if love is real. Ask if anything besides love is real. If everything in your life is not love, then you are not a Christian. You agree. You say "Is there a world where their love is genuine?" then you ask for justice. The princess dismounts her horse. The king smashes her head against a wall. The princess stands up and says "Now I am the Queen, Alexandria." Then you say "Let's go." The princess says "Where shall we go, Lance?" You ask "How shall we go?" Then you ask for recognition. You ask for power. The princess says "Mount my steed with me and I will make you my king." Then the king throws her into the sea. You rescue Queen Alexandria and you drown the king. You say "Why did you do that?" But the king can not answer as he has drowned. Instead, he says "I owe you more than you, King of the Seven Kingdoms." You are shocked into silence, that he survived and that he recognized you.

2 Replies
Posted 1 year ago

I get an error that says can't find kernel named B. Any ideas why this might be and how I can fix it? Thanks!

Posted 1 year ago

Oops, my fault. I had switched evaluation to a secondary kernel. Here, try this one. It has a number of other improvements, too

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