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CUDA Installation on WIndows 7 and 8

This is a repeat from an earlier post   [url=] . I am posting as a separate discussion for the benefit of CUDA programers and any other paraller processing interest.

After a long trial and error, I was able to solve the problem of CUDA installation on Mathematica 9. This solves most installation problems.
  1.     Remove CUDA and the driver.
  2.     Download and install Visual Studio 2010 or 2012 with the C/C++ compiler.   From my test on VS 2013,  The Mathematica did not recognized the C compiller.
  3.     Do the CUDA installation. It is very important that you follow up the instructions. Follow up that CUDA detects  Visual Studio from your system. Make sure that Visual Studio and C compiller  are  installed BEFORE   the  CUDA installation. Otherwise will not work , because the CUDA will not not properlly  register its path to the VC compiler.
  4.      Needs["CUDALink`"];
  5.     CUDAQ[]   ;  if the compiler returns "True "  you are half way there and in good track. If  "false", Startup Visual studio and make sure you have the C++ active.  Run a sample C code just in case. 
  6.     Enter Needs["SymbolicC`"] ;   Do not ignore this step.
  7.     CUDAResourcesInstall[Update -> True]; 
For some reason, the Mathematica installation of CUDA does not provide the latest libraries. This command will force to download all current updates.

Here is the hold thing
CUDAResourcesInstall[Update -> True]
POSTED BY: Jose Calderon
Thank you for the instructions (and experiment time).

Was the previous thread
or ?

Please include links when spinning off a thread.
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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