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Help with Summation

Posted 11 years ago
I dont know if i just am not doing Summation right, or if i am incorrectly entering Mathematica's Syntax, either way i typed in
Sum[1/n, {n = 1, 10}]
expecting to get something close to 2 (closer to 2 the higher the last number is) and i got a few errors, I also tried replacing the 10 with Infinity but i also got a few errors, the Infinity thing is not a priority, as the first question is a priority, thanks for your time.
POSTED BY: awalia2002
There is a syntax error
All iterators in Mathematica (for functions as Table, Do, Sum) has the same form
{varname, upper value} - counts from 1 to uppr value
{varname, lower value, upper value) - counts from lower value to upper value in steps of 1
{varname, lower value, upper value, incerement} - the same as above but in steps of "incerement"

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