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[Notebook] Visualizing Sequence Alignments from the COVID-19

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I created a DNA sequence alignment visual tool while I was at the Wolfram Summer Camp 2019. These tools can be used to quickly analyze many sequences in reference to one sequence. Organisms that share similar bases and have similar sequence lengths and high alignment scores are more likely to have similar structure and function for that particular gene. It provides a large variety of visuals including charts and figures to compare the sequences for different purposes. It takes into account short sequence/long sequence differentiation and other syntactical differences. I used this tool that I created to analyze the new data in the Data Repository for the Wuhan novel coronavirus. How I created this sequence visualizer is detailed in a post I made in the summer.

I enjoyed hosting a livestream with Rory Foulger on Friday, as we explored the various datasets that were recently added to the Wolfram database. These are some of the examples I played around with my visualizer function.

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