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How do you use Wolfram|Alpha to calculate these?

Posted 11 years ago
So, I got a few problems in my work like this:

V+3          v-4
____    _____
v^2-16 , V^2-9v+20

the directions say "Find equivalent expressions that have the least common denominator"

The example when solved, looks like this:


then it has me do the same with the second problem, which ends up looking like this:

I want to figure out how to calculate these kinds of problems in Wolfram|Alpha, I've tried just about everything. I can't even search the internet for how to solve these, as I don't even know what kind of problems these are classified as.
POSTED BY: Jamie Leith
I'm not sure if there's a comma between between those fractions or if they are multiplied together.

Have you tried entering the fractions into Wolfram|Alpha? Here is how you would enter the product of those two fractions:^2-16%29%28+v^2-9v%2B20%29%29

Note that you can see different forms of the solution which are factored and Wolfram|Alpha removes common denominators.
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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