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Plot from irrational end points?

Posted 1 year ago
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I have a function that Wolfram Alpha provides numerical solutions. See image...

enter image description here

These are clearly not integers and probably not rational numbers. How do I plot this function? Each time I do I get the response "end points are not on curve." See image.

enter image description here

I have tried even using the values Wolfram alpha provided, but I still get the same response. Any ideas how I could plot this? Seems Wolfram Alpha should be able to do it, as it provided me a small handful of great numerical examples. But I would like to plot more.

7 Replies

I'd rather not provide the actual function, as it's something I'm working on. But if need be, I can probably construct a similar function that gives the same issue.


Okay, here's an example function to work with.

enter image description here

You have a equation not a function ?

Ah...forgot to delete the = 0. Thanks!

Okay, so I am new to this somewhat. I see Wolfram Alpha provides numerical solutions for an equation over a certain complex number range. Is there a way to set what range I want?

How is this?

plot (1.2 + i y - 1)^2)/(y + 1/2 i) from y = -100 to 100

enter image description here

Well, y is the imaginary part. I would like to see where the function goes across the complex plane with 1.2 as the real part.

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