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European Wolfram Technology Conference, 27-28 May (Frankfurt, Germany)

Hi Everyone,

Last year we held the first ever European Wolfram Technology Conference in Frankfurt. If you weren't able to join us, then frankly, you missed out!The good news is you have another opportunity to meet the Wolfram experts. The event schedule will comprise not only presentations but hands-on tutorials and your chance to learn about the latest product releases.

27-28 May, Frankfurt we will be holding the second European Wolfram Technology Conference. Explore how computation can empower you and your organization in research, development, deployment—and progress. If you want to be involved in this year's conference, here are some important dates for you to bear in mind.

28 Feb - Early bird registration closes. If you want to come, then you need to register ASAP!

14 March - Talk submission deadline. The European Wolfram Technology Conference is a great stage for users to share their own stories. If you have something you want to share, we want to know about!

Additional information on topic highlights, what to expect and related links to the registration and talk submission pages can all be found on the website.
Again, seats are limited. So register now so you don't miss out.

See you in Frankfurt!


POSTED BY: Rita Crook
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wow, another EWTC less than a year after the 2013 one? You guys are on fire!

I missed out on the last one due to a silly previous obligation... then I heard the glowing reports from attendees and I've been full of regret ever since.
So I'll definitely come to this one - you guys have so much exciting stuff coming out, I can't wait to pick the brains of all the folks who're making them happen. 

I hope there'll be some announcements of that stunning Cloud technology - what a game change that'll be, next to WL on Edison & Pi. 

Everyone: I suggest registering now to be sure to get your ticket, this'll be a great event. 


PS I second the vote for a proper Spikey cake. 
POSTED BY: Werner Schuster
Thanks Rita.
If people are even half as enthusiastic as they were last year, then this is going to be an amazing conference! 
We really do need a 26th anniversary cake though.....

POSTED BY: Michael Belcher
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