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[NB] Scaling of epidemiology models with multi-site compartments

Posted 4 years ago

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POSTED BY: Anton Antonov
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Posted 3 years ago

Hello Anton, I have been following the talks on compartimental model for graph, it has been really helpfull. I´m implementing them on conectivity graphs for Guatemala. I was following the workflow and I have a question.

On the first part, Scaling the single-site SIR model over a small complete graph, everithing works fine until I enter: ModelGridTableForm[KeyTake[modelBig,{"Equations"}]//.modelBig["RateRules"]]

It says.: TemplateBox[{"ModelGridTableForm", "nargs", "\"The first argument is expected to be an association; (an epidemiology model).\"", 2, 15, 2, 22446535662752715463, "Local", "EpidemiologyModels`ModelGridTableForm"}, "MessageTemplate2"]

So when i plot the parametric solutions it does not show the solution as it is supposed be. I copied it directly from the notebook.

Do you have any suggestions why this may be happening, i´m running it on the wolfram cloud

Tahnk you in advance for your time.

POSTED BY: Andres Perez

Thank you bringing this to my attention! Please use:

ModelGridTableForm[modelBig]["Equations"] //. modelBig["RateRules"]

(This should be fixed in the linked Wolfram Cloud notebook too.)

POSTED BY: Anton Antonov

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